Dock Floats & Kits

Aqua Can Floatation Ltd. is proud to offer the latest in dock floatation technology in the form of our “Modular Dock Float”. These modularized watertight floats allow for limitless possibilities in solving dock building requirements. Each float consists of a molded one piece virgin polyethylene dock module. The contoured perimiter ledges accommodate the basic wood structural members and together with “imbed” fastening ports, make dock building easy.

Fully adjustable floatation height can be achieved with the utilization of a unique resealable 3″ Porthole. This feature enables the possibility of adding ballast so as to match heights to that of existing docks, or to create a swim platform to sit as low in the water as desired! Each module includes this feature.

Each individual float weighs only 28 lbs. yet carries a floatation of up to 860 lbs. These environmentally friendly modules offer “easy to clean” surfaces and are molded in a standard “Aqua Blue” colour.

Building a Dock

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